Paint The Town

NeighborWorks Sacramento held it’s 30th Annual Paint the Town Neighborhood improvement Event on September 27 and 28, 2019! 

NeighborWorks Sacramento’s Paint the Town has completed more than 400 projects over the last 30 years! 

NeighborWorks Sacramento’s Paint the Town model supports our community stabilization initiative. Through this initiative NeighborWorks Sacramento renovates formerly vacant homes for resale to a new family. Each year, NeighborWorks Sacramento chooses a street in low to moderate income neighborhood for our Paint the Town event. We focus our efforts on one specific block in order to maximize our impact. NeighborWorks Sacramento meets with residents to develop work-plans for home improvement projects to meet each resident’s needs. Volunteer teams are assigned one or more projects to complete.  NeighborWorks Sacramento provides the supplies, equipment and expertise needed to lead the projects.

NeighborWorks Sacramento has many wonderful sponsors and volunteer teams from such organizations as Wells Fargo, South Sacramento Rotary, Sacramento State’s Community Engagement Center, McGeorge School of Law, Holt of California and many others.  City Council members and County Supervisors also provide financial and in-kind resources.  Paint the Town is a fantastic opportunity for you and/or your organization to participate in a high-impact, community-driven, team building event!

We need you! How you can help

We have flexible sponsorship opportunities to match your needs as a sponsor. Each resident will have one or several projects that can include exterior paint or touch-ups, landscaping projects such as planting trees, mowing, edging, pruning, or building planter boxes, minor repair of a fence or porch, or other projects that collectively make a significant, positive impact on the entire block. Participate by contributing a financial contribution, a volunteer team or both! Ideal sponsor teams will have 10 to 25 volunteers.

Volunteer teams worked with residents in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood to complete several improvement projects including: painting homes, landscaping yards and other home and yard improvements. 

If you are an individual wanting to get involved, we would love to have you!  We can add you to a team to work on one of the many projects. To learn about volunteer or sponsorship opportunities, contact us at (916) 452-5356.


NeighborWorks® Sacramento 25rd annual Paint the Town was held on Saturday, September 20, 2014 on 43h Street between Broadway & 11th Ave. and 44th St. between 8th & 11th Avenue in Oak Park. This site was chosen because NeighborWorks® Sacramento has renovated several homes in this area.

Paint the Town 2014 Accomplishments include:

  • More than 150 volunteers and home owners worked together to complete more than 15 projects on 9 different homes.
  • Volunteers prepped & painted 3 homes, prepped & painted trim on 2 additional homes, took down an old fence, built 2 new fences, replaced screens, painted porches and fences, landscaped 3 yards, and removed debris filling two 30 yard containers!
  • Home owners worked with volunteers from Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Holt of California, McGeorge School of Law & Sacramento State Community Engagement Center.
  • Financial and in-kind sponsors included Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, County Supervisor Phil Serna, and Holt of California. Glidden Paint again generously donated the paint this year.
  • Home owners were deeply appreciative and amazed at what was accomplished together!

Before – lots of work to do!

After – following hours of work by our wonderful volunteers!

Before Picture – lots of work to do!

Everyone chips in to get the job done!

2015 Paint the Town a Success!

Before – lots of work to do!

After – Wells Fargo’s team put in many hours!

NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center Sacramento Region held our 26th annual Paint the Town event on Saturday, September 19, 2015 in South Oak Park. Over the last 25 years, NeighborWorks Sacrament has completed painting and home improvement projects on more than 300 homes throughout Sacramento.

More than150 volunteers worked together to give a face-lift to the block. We completed more than 20 home improvement projects, including painting homes, landscaping yards, building and fixing fences and building 2 beautiful new porch banisters.

Our 2015 sponsors included: U.S. Bank, Holt of California, Wells Fargo, Monument Security, Sacramento State University Community Engagement Center, South Sacramento Rotary, Circle K International, Nicoletti, Culjis and Herberger Funeral Home, and McGeorge School of Law. Supplies were donated from Home Depot Foundation and Glidden Paint.

A big thank you to NeighborWorks Sacramento Board President Eugene Lee, who volunteered with his family! County Supervisors Phil Serna and Patrick Kennedy made a generous donation to support Paint the Town; this allowed NeighborWorks Sacramento to expand the scope of our 2015 projects.

Univision did a very nice interview of Paint the Town 2015.  Sharon Eghigian and a representative of Wells Fargo were both interviewed. NeighborWorks was able to add a new partner this year, Northern California Construction Training (NCCT).  The NCCT volunteers provided free equipment and several volunteers for our 3 prep days the week of the event.  This support allowed us to complete several projects that needed these extra hours.

We are already looking forward to Paint the Town 2016 on Saturday, September 17!!

For more information, contact Sharon Eghigian, Community Impact Manager, 916-452-5356 or

On September 17, 2016, NeighborWorks® Sacramento held our 27th annual Paint the Town More than 150 volunteers completed 20 projects in South Oak Park.  Volunteers painted homes, built new fences, landscaped yards, and much more! A copy of the 2016 map can be viewed here.

A copy of the 2016 News Release can be found here.


On September 16, 2017, NeighborWorks® Sacramento held its 28th annual Paint the Town in Del Paso Heights. It was exciting to be in Del Paso Heights as most of our participants have lived in Del Paso for many years and have strong family ties and a deep love for their neighborhood.

This year, NeighborWorks® Sacramento was fortunate to have wonderful sponsors and volunteer teams from such organizations as U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, Sacramento State’s Community Engagement Center, Home Depot, Holt of California, Improve Your Tomorrow, and many others.  Also, U.S. Bank and Home Depot Foundation were the Premier Sponsors of the event.  City Councilmember Warren also joined as a Community Sponsor and County Supervisor Phil Serna and Holt of CA were this years Neighborhood Sponsors.  Glidden Paint donated all the paint for our event, as well as expertise and advice on preparing the home.  Northern CA Construction Training donated many hours of work to help us prepare for this year’s event, including power-washing homes for painting, and completing several home repairs.   Thank you to all of you for a wonderful event!


29th annual Paint the Town neighborhood improvement event 


This year Paint the Town was in the Del Paso Heights Neighborhood. The participants are long-time residents of the neighborhood and have contributed a great deal to the community in their roles as schoolteachers, nurses, foster parents, and community volunteers. They are very appreciative of the support provided through Paint the Town!

Sponsors: Premier Sponsors:  SMUD Shine Program, County of Sacramento TOT Grant Program, U.S. Bank Community Sponsor:  City Councilmember Allan Warren; Neighborhood Sponsors: Holt of CA

In-kind Donors: Glidden Paint is donating paint for 6 house-painting projects and Republic Services is donating 4 dumpsters. Northern CA Construction Training (NCCT) contributed many hours to help us prepare the homes for painting. Uptown Pizza on Del Paso Blvd is providing lunch for our volunteers.

Volunteer teams:  SMUD, U.S. Bank, Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento State University Community Engagement Center, Holt of California, Wells Fargo, boys team charity, Grid Alternatives, University of Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Home Depot, and resident groups “Brother to Brother” and “Sister to Sister.” Expected Dignitaries:  Police Chief Daniel Hahn, Sacramento State President Robert Nelson

The Paint the Town partnership between NeighborWorks® Sacramento, local businesses and volunteers has been an overwhelming success. Several of our sponsoring teams have participated in Paint the Town for more than 20 years.  Everyone wins through this program.  Paint the Town increases pride of ownership for residents and strengthens the neighborhood and connection between individuals and community. “Paint the Town brings resources to those who need them most and is a shining example of the positive impact on neighborhoods and residents when people give back to their community,” says Sharon Eghigian, NeighborWorks Sacramento Community Impact Director.