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NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center  Sacramento Region

Preferred Lending Professionals

Thank you for your interest in the Preferred Lending Professional Program at NeighborWorks® Sacramento.  This is a program where lenders and NeighborWorks® Sacramento work together to provide home purchase opportunities for customers using our down payment assistance loans.  Only lenders who are Preferred Lending Professionals will have access to NeighborWorks® Sacramento’s mortgage assistance programs including CalHome and PAL. 

As a HUD-certified housing counseling agency, we are required to provide at least three lending referrals to our customers when discussing mortgage products.  Instead of limiting the discussion to just three referrals, customers are referred to our website to view the complete list of lending professionals with whom we work.  The lenders on our Preferred Lending Professional list have shown consistent success in using our programs and have all attended in-person training on our loan programs. Customers will have the option to choose any lender they would like to work with.  This program has been in existence since 2014 and after three years we have made improvements to the program.  

Updated 2/22/17

Lender Name Contact NMLS # Website Phone Email
Catalyst Mortgage Erica Conners 1320962 Website (916) 678-7534 Email
Catalyst Mortgage Craig Milton 242938 Website (916) 679-0194 Email
Catalyst Mortgage Gabe Farr 1101770 Website (916) 679-0196 Email
Catalyst Mortgage Tyler Burke 1323811 Website (916) 678-7528 Email
IMS Lending Bonnie Ruiz 290010 Website (916) 320-7299 Email
Loan Depot Kathryn Vatsula 261647 Website 209-323-7902 Email
Vitek Mortgage Group Alex Hall 1250593 Website (916) 974-4170 Email
Vitek Mortgage Group Laura Derry 242108 Website (916)724-5094 Email
Vitek Mortgage Group Sarah Lee 280947 Website (916) 600-6126 Email
Vitek Mortgage Group Stephanie McCarthy 276562 Website (916)223-9491 Email
Vitek Mortgage Group Charlie Scott 238999 Website (916)792-8660 Email
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Jeff Goodman 851939 Website (916)294-3250 Email
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Athena Herrera 453293 Website (916)607-9779 Email
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Nathan Sibbet 450926 Website (916)320-3952 Email
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Frances Gauger 620305 Website (916) 787-3653 Email
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Anna Medina 453503 Website (530) 681-0759 Email