Financial Education

NeighborWorks® Sacramento currently offers three Financial Education classes on a rotating basis. The classes are based on an FDIC curriculum and include information on topics from how to track spending to how to shop for a home loan. Registration for these classes is completely free and includes a pizza meal for all attendees. Sign ups for this class can be done online or by calling our front desk at (916) 452-5356.

Money Matters

Attendees of the Money Matters class will gain a better understanding of how to track their spending, create financial goals, and prepare a spending plan to help reach those goals. The class discusses tactics for decreasing spending, increasing income, and managing bills. Curriculum follows Consumer Financial Protection Bureau resources and attendees walk away with this educational resource from the CFPB.

Building Your Credit

Building Your Credit explains why credit is important and discusses what creditors look for when making credit decisions. This class will help you decide if you are ready to apply for a credit card, determine what type of card is right for you, and will help you understand how to use your credit responsibly.

Protecting Your Home Investment

Protecting Your Home Investment is designed for current homeowners who want to learn more about the benefits and dangers of refinancing, home improvement and reverse mortgages!