HomeOwnership Planning Session

Homeownership Planning Sessions

Our HUD certified housing counselors can help you prepare for a home or other big life purchase. The free appointment includes:

1. Action plan to increase your credit score

  • Free soft pull credit report
  • Credit building account
  • Write letters to dispute credit report inaccuracies (NWSac can do this with you!)

2. Personalized recommendations for down payment assistance programs

3. Rent to Own Analysis and Budget Help

Anyone interested in becoming a homeowner in 1-5 years is encouraged to come and create a plan!

Call our office to schedule an appointment 

Sacramento Office Number: (916) 452-5356

Toll Free Number for the Sacramento Office: 1- 888-355-5356

Before your appointment

Customers will be sent via regular mail or e-mail (whichever your preference) an intake form to complete and return at the initial appointment.

All attendees must also bring:

  • Picture ID
  • Most recent month's pay stubs
  • Most recent month's bank statement(s)
  • Most recent federal tax return (first two pages only)

These items are needed in order for HomeOwnership Planners to pull your credit report (soft pull only, so it won't hit your credit) and create a plan based on your current financial situation.