About Us

Founded by a small group of residents who wanted to improve their distressed neighborhood, Sacramento Neighborhood Housing Services was created in 1987. Now doing business as NeighborWorks®  HomeOwnership Center Sacramento Region (NeighborWorks® Sacramento), the organization has changed and grown, but the heart of its mission remains the same. Initially, Sacramento Neighborhood Housing Services served just four neighborhoods in Sacramento. Today, NeighborWorks® Sacramento serves an 11-county region and its program offerings include a full range of services to assist potential and current homeowners. The mission is to “provide opportunities for successful homeownership and strong communities through quality education, affordable lending, supportive partnership and dedicated leadership.”

NeighborWorks® Sacramento provides services along the spectrum of the homeownership process beginning with the first stages of preparing clients for homeownership and extending throughout the client’s tenure as an owner.  Providing a full range of services helps create successful, stable homeowners by addressing the obstacles that are most likely to derail a borrower at the various stages in the home buying process.  Each of our services were developed in response to the needs of our customers and to challenges identified by community leaders and other community stakeholders.



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